These Dark Alleys Satisfied Her In Ways Her Husband Never Could


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A woman is a wife, a mother, an employee, and a colleague. She is many things to all, but this woman is everything but her self.

Her mind wanders: Is her womb merely a production unit? Should she urge her husband to use protection again? Why should she allow him to flop on her after he’s done? Why do her colleagues have such fulfilling sexual lives?

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Unable to find the answers or assert her right over her body and her life, she lurks in these dark alleys.

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She’s just another a married woman who has taken a vow of silence.

Watch ‘Vow Of Silence’ by Anna Isabelle Matutina (Philippines) on Viddsee:

Viewer discretion: Contains scenes for mature audiences only

Just one more! Here’s a short film about a young woman falling into a dreamlike fantasy after her first sexual experience.

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