A Misnamed Teenager Laments His “Tall & Victorious” Expectations


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Does your name determine your destiny?

Kao Sheng, or “Cloud Tan” as he prefers, is a teenager who’s just about legal driving age, but has a stature of a 13 year old.

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He’s short, and sucks at school sports. He thinks he’s a loser, hardly reflecting the “Tall” & “Victorious” expectations of his Chinese name.

He leads a deflated outlook on life, lamenting the misnomer of his name and character.

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But when tragedy occurred to his family, and as floods devastated his home and neighbourhood, this young man lived up to his good-nature.

His mum then tells him, that there was a reason behind “Kao Sheng”, and that he had every reason to be proud of who he was.

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This Chinese New Year advertisement was created by Reservoir Productions for Maxis in Malaysia.

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