She Just Told Mum She Wants To Move Out. And That She Needs Money.



Ro’ya has some news for her mother.

And it’s not pleasant.

She wants to move out. She’s already found an apartment to share with a friend her mother barely knows.

There is a small technicality though. To secure the apartment, she needs to make the payment immediately.



Her mother, the newly-appointed principal of her school, is powerless before her own daughter.

In the mother-daughter face-off, accusations and hurled and judgements are passed.


Her mother thinks she’s living in a dream world that will come crashing down one day.

Ro’ya feels that her mother is not giving her the wings she needs to be truly independent.

Her mother tries hard to convince her, but Ro’ya is determined. She does not want to live the life her mother has lived.


Who wins?

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