Woman? Ok. Filmmaker? Great! You Make Horror Films? You’re Crazy!!!


anemia-ft-001 krk

Film still from Anemia

These are crazy good.

We spoke to Mai Nakanishi, the founder of a film festival dedicated to “fearsome creations” of female genre filmmakers — Scream Queen Filmfest Tokyo.

Scream Queen Filmfest Tokyo all begun when Mai visited the Viscera Film Festival tour screening in Vancouver, Canada.

It was a mind-blowing, eye-opening experience.

Rootless Heart ss2 krk

Film still from Rootless Heart

It showed her different perspectives of how and what women feared internally, psychologically, and showcased many strong female characters — as opposed to stereotypical representations of women.

She wanted to create a similar platform for female filmmakers from Asia.

Mai explains: “Despite our domestic lucrative market for J-horror films, there’s always been an unfounded prejudice towards genre films and filmmakers in Japan.

“And needless to say, if you are a women making genre films, people will look at you like you are a crazy person (I get that all the time).

Hide & Seek ss1 lg krk

Film still from Hide And Seek

“My other goal from launching the festival was to eliminate bias against women in horror and to raise awareness of the unique visions women can bring to the genre.”

We’re honoured to have some crazy good films on the Scream Queen Filmfest Tokyo channel on Viddsee, such as this fantasy horror romance flick below, about two unlikely freaks who meet on Halloween night!

Watch ‘Tokyo Halloween Night’ by Mari Okada (Japan) on Viddsee:

Scream Queen Filmfest Tokyo is now in its third year. It runs from 24 – 31 October this year inTokyo.

If you’re a female filmmaker and wish to participate, the call for submissions ends 10 June!

Here’s another one from the channel, about a woman who enters a fanatsy realm in a deep, deep dream. Watch ‘The Camouflage’ on Viddsee


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