[2 of 4] Films On Viddsee That Were Screened At Cannes Film Festival


Liyab SS4 KRK

Love can move you to do the impossible.

What about jealousy, anger, revenge?

Fuelled with those emotions, two lovers in this short film battle each other for the man they love.

Liyab SS3 KRK

He’s in comatose for far too long, but his best friend and his wife want to his life to end for different reasons.

Liyab SS1 KRK

One wanted the truth, the other, wanted the truth to be buried with him in the grave.

And so the battle of wills, curses and cures begin.

Watch ‘Liyab’ (Flames) by Sockie Fernadez (Philippines):

The filmmaker Sockie Fernadez is an accomplished veteran in the Philippines’ advertising industry.

‘Liyab’ won the top prize in the short film category at three film festivals in the Philippines – Film Academy Award, Cinemanila and at the Gawad.

Sockie’s debut short film was also selected to screen at Tous de le Monde at the Cannes Film Festival.

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