His Dad Wants Him To Be A Tough Guy. But He Just Wants To Be Himself.


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“Today my son becomes a man… A man that I do not understand.”

It’s true. Sammy’s dad doesn’t understand him. He wants him to become a boxer. A tough guy like himself. A real man.


And for some reason, he thinks that he can achieve it by taking Sammy to a prostitute.

Sammy dislikes the idea. Just as he dislikes boxing. Just as he dislikes the careless way in which his dad makes the dumplings in their restaurant.


“The meat goes in the centre. It’s the heart of the dumping…” He reminds his dad of his mum’s words, but nothing really changes.


Sammy is 21 now. How long can this silent battle between father and son last?

Someone needs to talk.

And when words don’t work, sometimes a fight does.

Can it seal this family together, just like a perfect dumpling?

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Wesley’s film won three awards at the Asians On Film Festival, Best Director, Best Drama and Best Actor for Won Lee’s portrayal of Sammy.

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