The Tragic And Horrifying Seduction Of An Air-Borne Love


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This writer is besieged by an array of insects, swarming in his home and in his head.

He first begins swatting them off, and scalding them with hot water. It’s an exercise in futility. They keep coming back, and in larger numbers than ever.

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His only solace is his honey, whose presence lend a calm to his home. But when she’s gone, the swarm becomes a horde becomes a manifest.

In his psychosis, he’s lured, lulled and seduced into a relationship with the bugs.

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Then he gave in to the flesh. And he gave them his honey.

Watch this thriller ‘Flytopia’ by Karni &f Saul (UK) on Viddsee:

Viewer discretion: For mature audiences only.

This short film was adapted from a story by Will Self. More on the filmmaker duo Karni & Saul here.

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