She Breaks Down, So Do We! This Is A Tribute To Mothers’ Indomitable Spirit.


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Even at to her breaking point, this single mum manifests to manage her household.

The most striking thing in this touching animation isn’t the shrill chaos, or how she wills herself to put things in order even when she’s collapsed.

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It’s that this story is very relatable, and that these scenes trigger off childhood memories of our own.

As we approach the holiday season, it’s a great reminder to give the woman of a lives a break. She may have a superhuman breaking point, but let’s not have that happen.

Give your mum a gift she’ll really appreciate. We’re starting it first with a big, tight hug.

Watch ‘Mother’ by Joan Chung (South Korea) on Viddsee:

‘Mother’ was made at the Sheridan College by Stephanie Chiew, Joan Chung, David Du, Matthew Fazari, Ana Gomez, Rui Hao, Jessica Jing, Seeyun Lee, Nicholas Nason, and Dadi Wang. More on the team here.

Just one more! Watch another touching animation about motherhood, longing, and love, ‘Mum’ by Korean animator by Wooksang Chang.

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