3 Awesome Short Films That Will Make You Go Out More


‘Cause life and beauty roams the streets, yo, not on your screen. But first, watch this (on your screen): a discoball wiedling superhero, a 15 yr old beatboxer, and a chance encounter between two strangers

1) ‘Masala Mama’ by Michael Kam

Ah Seng loves to draw superheroes, but can’t afford the comics depicting them. When he resorts to stealing a comic book from a small Indian provision (‘mama’) shop, the gentle owner takes pity, as fate challenges assumptions on where friendship is possible.

Trivia time! A ‘mama shop’ is Singapore’s equivalent to New York’s bodega, a Japanese ‘conbini’, the Chinese ‘xiaomaibu’, or the Filipino’ ‘sari-sari’.


2) ‘That’s Wicked!’ by Joy Lee
Martin, 15, is featured in this documentary on the Singaporean beatbox scene, chronicling his apprehension and anxiousness before a competition, and an attempt to challenge three older gentlemen to take up the art of beatbox on the streets!


3) ‘Karang Guni’ by Anthony Chen
A chance encounter between strangers, a foreigner and a local, results in the possibility of an unlikely friendship.

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‘Masala Mama’, ‘That’s Wicked’, and ‘Karang Guni’ were winners at the Singapore Short Films Awards: ‘Masala Mama’ won Best Director in 2011, ‘That’s Wicked!’ won Best Documentary in 2013, and ‘Karang Guni’ won Best Director in 2013.

The Singapore Short Film Awards are back with the best of Singapore short films in 2013!

All submissions to the awards will be screened from Monday 24 February 2014, with the nominees screened on Friday and Saturday.

Part of the showcase includes a mix of documentaries, dramas, experimental films and more in this week long event. For more info, http://www.substation.org/event/5ssfa/

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