Why do we hold our fathers to impossible standards?


3 Days Grace by Kenny Tan Still 6

Fathers are human, too. If there’s a standard we hold them to, it should be to understand that they, too, fail. And despite their failings, we turned out okay. Not whole, but okay.

For a consumer-driven society that operates on wholesome messaging, we either blissfully ignore this fallibility or internalise these conflicting emotions. Very rarely do we confront this ourselves.

3 Days Grace by Kenny Tan Still 1

Filial piety and patriarchy is still a big part of family life, community life, and in our relationship with governments and in our work culture. It’s a value that’s seen consistently in Asian films, so much so that we have a content tag for it on Viddsee BUZZ.

‘3 Days Grace’ is set in a time when Singapore introduced a law that obligated adult children to care for their parents. A boxer is forced to be caring for his elderly father, sparking hostility, aggression and fear from his childhood.

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‘3 Days Grace’ was selected for the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival in France, the Concorto Film Festival in Italy, and was shortlisted as a Silver Screen Awards finalist at the 25th Singapore International Film Festival.

Would you love and respect someone if they have damaged you? Here’s another film on a son’s resentment towards his father.

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