3 Doors of Horrors Will Leave You With Cold Sweat

If we saw what she saw, we'd be gripping our school skirts too. A still from Floating Sun by Edmund Yeo.
We were gripping our school skirts too. A still from ‘Floating Sun’ by Edmund Yeo.

These three horror films are so good, we won’t recommend watching them alone. But if you’re with company, don’t make sudden moves while watching.

‘I Miss You Two’, ‘Floating Sun’, and ‘Horror Mission’ were made by Ng Ken Kin, Leroy Low, and Edmund Yeo. They’re about 15 minutes each.

Prime yourself for suspense, horror, and a supernatural trip. And then triple that:


This is not a school girl fantasy. It’s not even a school girl fantasy team-up. It’s a creepy short film, with hand-wringing suspense played well into it.

3 Doors (I Miss You Two, Leroy Low)

Years after graduation, a 30-yr old records a video shout out to locate two girls he met in high school. He recounts their supernatural encounter in the school compound, on what seemed to be the start of a regular school day at early-dawn.


There’s dedication, and then there’s dedication. A novelist tries to understand her story’s protagonist better, by diving deep into the life and death of a teenage girl.

She’s so into her novel that segments of that story starts seeping into her life. Her character starts seeping into her life too! She starts having visions of a drowned corpse.

3 Doors (Floating Sun by Edmund Yeo)

Her life spins out of control as she loses a sense of reality. Her world becomes increasingly nightmarish and surreal, and she begins to experience a change of strange events in her life.


This short film is an excellent initiation to what it feels in a recurring nightmare about running away from an unseen force.

A fully-made up actress, Candy, becomes possessed on a horror film set. A grumpy production manager is dispatched to send Candy home, accompanied by an intern.

3 Doors (Horror Mission by Ng Ken Kin)

It’s somewhere between midnight and early morning when they drive back from the suburbs to more civilised life. Candy passes in and out of consciousness.

Having a fully-made-up actress in your back seat is a terrifying thought. But this film’s full horror is unleashed when the car stalls by a deserted stretch of road.

Watch ‘3 Doors of Horrors’ here:

Viewer advisory: This is horror. Remember to empty your bladders before hitting ‘play’. And if you’re watching it with company, make no sudden moves.

‘3 Doors of Horrors’ was produced and developed by James Lee. Word is that a second season of this same horror anthology is slated for end-2014!

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