4 Strangers Walked Into A Dark Room. Only 1 Walked Out.


Script SS_01

A single lamp lights a near-pitch black room. 4 strangers sit at the table with an envelope in front of each of them.

They are random participants in an experiment. They’re not sure what it’s about. But they know 100,000 yen awaits them if they can endure for 10 minutes.

Script SS_02

This should have been a walk in the park.

They open the envelopes.

Script SS_03

Script SS_04

Each contains something different.

Script SS_05

Then, an easy dream becomes a chilling nightmare…

Watch ‘Script (スクリプト)’ by Albert Ventura (Japan) on Viddsee:

‘Script’ won the Best Script Award at the 2011 Sapparo International Film Festival. The film has also been screened at international film festivals at Los Angeles, Beijing, Taiwan, Japan and Spain.

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