He Wants To Be Just Like His Beloved Grandfather…But His Mother Disapproves


When his grandfather moves in with their family, Jayden is delighted. He loves his Gong Gong, who lavishes affection and treats on him.

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With his hero now living with him, Jayden wants to be like Gong Gong — eat unhealthy foods, go topless, sit with a leg up. He is distracted from his schoolwork, and his mother fears that he may even start speaking in dialect.


This transformation worries his mother. Denise tries to eliminate these unwanted influences from her son’s life.


While out developing photographs, Gong Gong has a fall and is hospitalised. At her father’s bedside, Denise crumbles.



Checking the photographs that were developed, Denise realises Jayden is the photographer. There were happy moments between Jayden and his grandfather. But his parents were always consumed by work, even at home.


It made Denise remember her childhood — filled with warm memories of joy and love. She shared many happy moments with her father, and they had many pictures together. Jayden did not have a similar childhood.


It was an important lesson for both parents — family is more important than work. Building happy memories with each other is essential.


It’s a good thing to be more like Gong Gong.

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