Homeless In Singapore, A Young Teen Finds Hope In A Stranger



Earning a measly $2.50 per hour as a cashier, this teenager was the sole breadwinner of his family.

Their father had abandoned them, leaving behind unpaid debts, and no roof over their head.


Together with his mother and sister, they were forced to live illegally in a tent on the beach, constantly wary of strangers and the police.

He tried his best to keep his family from slipping through the cracks. But it was a heavy burden to carry on his young shoulders.


Little did he know that help would arrive in the most unlikely person.

Watch ’15 Shorts: Shelter’ by Sean Ng (Singapore) on Viddsee:

This film is inspired by the true story of Rashid Bakar, who is an unsung hero to displaced Singaporeans seeking shelter.

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