Will This Boy Ever Let His Crush Know How He Feels?


A highschool crush is as awkward as it gets, especially when your teenage years are full of rapid change and hormonal confusion. Heady and enthralling at the same time, the memory of that feeling is captured even as time goes on and we grow up. Memories frozen in a time capsule is full of melancholy, fondness and affection; and nostalgia has a powerful hold over us.

The 5-episode web series ‘Way Back When’ by showrunner Sabrina Poon, is a coming-of-age tale following Lucas and Charlotte, two friends who navigate their changing relationship of love and friendship over a span of 15 years.

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In school, Lucas is an enterprising and amiable guy. Charlotte is a feisty and confident girl. At the beginning, their friendship holds the undercurrent of Lucas’ hopeless crush on her. She has him wrapped around her finger.

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As their friendship develops throughout the years, it deepens with a lot of shared looks and unsaid feelings. Their lives, however, start to diverge with Lucas inevitably leaving to serve his National Service (NS).

Are Lucas’ feelings unrequited?

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Through loss and other life lessons, Lucas and Charlotte realise that the closeness they once shared makes the distance felt between them a lot wider.

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Time goes by and life goes on, but Lucas’ feelings for Charlotte doesn’t fade. As she is about to leave to Canada to pursue her dreams, this is his last chance to tell her how he feels. Will he finally have the courage to let her know?

Watch ‘Way Back When: Ep 1 – Schooling Days’ by Sabrina Poon (Singapore) on Viddsee:

‘Way Back When’ is a Viddsee Originals production. The 5-episode web series is a coming-of-age tale about puppy love between two friends. Written by showrunner Sabrina Poon, other directors in collaboration with this series also include Png Zhen Yu, Amanda Tan and Jonathan Yong.

Watch the full series here.

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