This Grandma Knows Her End Is Near. She Plans For The Inevitable.


Moth Twilight lg ss2 krk

Everything had to be perfect.

She’s 90, nasty, and rude to her funeral planner. They couldn’t get anything right.

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She wasn’t afraid of death. She embraced it, fully, wholeheartedly. She dictated all the details, proceedings and planned everything to a ‘T’.

It had to be perfect as she was left entirely alone to face the inevitable.

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When the funeral planners left, however, her demeanour softens.

She escapes into sentimentality, memories of her past, her partner and her family.

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There might be regrets, but she won’t let anyone stop her last dance with life.

And then, death.

Watch ‘Moth in Twilight’ by JE Tiglao on Viddsee:

‘Moth in Twilight’ was a finalist film at Tropfest SEA and is top-billed by the Philippines’ screen doyenne Anita Linda.

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