A Cloud Leopard Sculpture Comes Alive All From A Piece Of Paper


Cloud Leopard Nahoko Kojima lg ss1 krk

It’s gorgeous.

Here’s an art form that considers the positive, and the negative.

This is a Cloud Leopard. A piece of paper, intense concentration, pride, passion and scissors – that’s what it takes to make it come alive.

Papercutting is a Japanese cultural heritage, and Nahoko Kojima is a proud contemporary paper cutter and artist who lives and works in London.

Cloud Leopard Nahoko Kojima lg ss2 krk

Inspired by life and nature, she strives to make her intricate pieces come alive in space, suspended by threads.

She aims to make her work transformational to people who experience it, taking them through a different dimension and experience it in wonder and a sense of magic, fantasy.

Cloud Leopard Nahoko Kojima lg ss3 krk

Walk inside her world with this documentary.

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Nahoko was recently commissioned to reinvent bridal window displays in Bulgari’s stores in Asia. Here’s more on the craft in Nahoko’s community Facebook group.

Here’s another look at dedication and job satisfaction. Watch this Hong Kong documentary ‘More Than Ice Cream Wong Kwong’ on Viddsee.

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