Josephine Fell In Love With A Cockroach & It’s The Sweetest Story Ever


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His beady compound eyes, his quivering antenna, his thread-thin feet, his beautiful segmented abdomen… She loved him, uncommonly, for it was an uncommon love.

Josephine, a lonely housewife, had a drunken lout of a husband. He didn’t care for her and didn’t care for her love of song.

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She practised the accordion daily, playing a forlorn melody that carried through the cracks of her apartment wall to the cockroach’s home. It touched him, piercing through the chambers of his multi-segmented heart.

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Josephine Roach ss15 krk

He returned, too, with song.

Interspecies love didn’t bother them. They kept the music going…

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Winner of a Student Academy Award, two Student Emmys, the ASC Heritage Award, and awards at Slamdance, Newport Beach Film Festival, Arizona International Film Festival, USA Film Festival, and the Cleveland International Film Festival.

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