To Defeat The Enemy, A Soldier Needs To Face His Past.


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In the year 2204, humanity is in the midst of a 73-year war. Colossal war machines rain missiles upon war zones, reducing everything to fire and ash. The machines are powerful, but battles are mostly won with Shamans, an elite class of soldiers tasked to sabotage enemy war machines.

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Shamans can cross over to the Netherworld, where they can interact with the souls of the machines. Those they can convince, they convert to their cause. Those that refuse, they destroy.

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Joshua is about to infiltrate the Great Battle Colossus, a formidable machine that has killed almost two thousand men. He has only four minutes in the Netherworld before his Shieldfire defenses give out under the machine’s missile barrage.

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Getting near the Soul of the Colossus was easy enough, but the machine had something up her sleeve: Joshua’s leaked profile. She knew everything about him, including details on his parents’ gruesome deaths.

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Can Joshua face the painful memories of his past? Or will he bend to the will of the Great Battle Colossus?

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‘The Shaman’ has screened at the Tribeca Film Festival, Sci-Fi London, Dragon Con, Hollyshorts Film Festival, Portland Film Festival, San Diego Film Festival, and many more.

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