A Common Man Splurges On A Haircut At A High-End Salon. Bad Idea?



Haircut Anand Tiwari ss1 krk

She wants to give his hair “character”.

It’s that kind of hair salon: a movie star just walked out and a woman is seen in the throes of pleasure.

Haircut Anand Tiwari ss4 krk

Tomorrow is his big day and he’s determined to splurge and spruce up for the special occasion.

He’s a common man, and this salon is out of his comfort zone.

But it’s going to be worth the money!

Haircut Anand Tiwari ss3 krk

It is a strange experience for him. The people are overly friendly, strange, and they fuss over him.

He has no idea what his stylist is babbling about. Volume, character, spike, buzz, mousse…? But he goes with the his stylist’s recommendations.

Haircut Anand Tiwari ss2 krk

And then comes the big reveal.

Was it a bad idea?

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