After Three Months, They Still Pretended Not To Care, Not To Love


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After three months of play-dating, this couple realised that they hardly know each other. It’s a casual relationship; they’re activity partners going through the motions of life.

Until the unexpected happens — a condom was either misplaced, or missing. It throws their relationship off the rails.

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It’s easier to be blasé about life, to believe in the one-day-at-a-time ethos, than to admit that they’re both vagrants in the big city, finding a home for their hearts.

And so it begins, a chase for the essence of life. Not prematurely, or with a delayed reaction.

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Love, that’s what they both wanted. No morning-after pill could deny them that.

Watch ‘Whereabouts’ by Zhou Quan (Australia/China) on Viddsee:

‘Whereabouts’ won the Platinum Remi Award at WorldFest at the Houston International Film Festival. More on the filmmaker here.

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