A cowboy’s simple plan goes awry



This cowboy with a simple problem; he’s single. His modest solution is to buy a horse — the girlfriend will somehow naturally follow suit.


The people around him aren’t particularly sold by his logic or ambition, but they do tolerate it. After all, a cowboy should have a horse.


In his search for an affordable steed, Vaquero is robbed of his meagre savings by another cowboy (on a horse!). A final indignity for a cowboy with so little of his own.


When the stakes are down, this man may just have it all. A simple cowboy with simple solutions — off to save his future happiness.

Watch ‘Cowboy With No Horse’ by Alberto Gomez Pena (Colombia) on Viddsee!:

Another film! In ‘Yus To Dance And The Bumbling Cowboy’, a cowboy comes up with a simple plan to end his own life.


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