A Slight, Shadow Of A Man Fades Into His Happy Place


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Crowned by his mean-spirited colleagues with a pair of donkey ears, Edmond realised that this time around, he didn’t want to fight back.

In fact, he never fights back. Edmond is a small, quiet and submissive man. He’s very aware that he’s different from others, but that doesn’t stop him from doing well at work. He has a lovely wife who adores him, and loves him for who he is.

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His colleagues’ ridicule and mockery gave him a life. As bleak as his life was, the donkey ears helped him discover his true nature.

Edmond Donkey ss6 krk

Edmond Donkey ss7 krk

It was a release, an enlightenment, his salvation.

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Written, designed, edited and directed by Franck Dion. More on him here.

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