A Day In The Night Of An EMS Staff


Khairul driving ambulance

Khairul is an ambulance driver in the graveyard shift. It’s a crucial job that gets more difficult at night, as more emergency calls occur in this shift. Together with Alexis, a medic, they form a formidable frontline partnership as an ambulance unit in the emergency medical services.

Khairul and Alexis helping stroke patient up onto stretcher

Their duty is to transfer a patient into the ambulance, and provide medical care on the way to the hospital. If a patient’s vital signs drop, their deteriorating health quickly transforms into an emergency. It is a challenge navigating through emotions and traffic in a moving vehicle, with a life in your hands.

Signpost road diversion off clementi, drive with care

The solution isn’t to just go fast! Ambulance drivers have to find the tricky balance between urgency and care — and they are still subject to laws, traffic conditions and the cooperation of other drivers.

alexis leaning over

The stakes are high, and both Alexis and Khairul naturally hold themselves to high standards too. They internalise blame and self-doubt when a patient doesn’t make it to the hospital in time. The first time Khairul lost a patient in an emergency case, he felt panicked, sad and scared. Alexis treats patients like family members, and feels like breaking down if there isn’t enough time.

Khairul smiling

Part of what they need to do is pick themselves up again after a tragedy, so they can do their best every day. At the end of each trip, the duo prepare themselves for the next call. There are more people to save, more lives that rely on them to do their jobs well.

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