A Disabled Brother’s Overprotective Love Is Viddsee Shortee June 2015


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No one bullies his little sister. No one.

‘Bro’ was your most-watched, most-loved, most-talked about short film last month!

There are two men in Xiao Je’s life, and they are about to meet for the very first time. One is the man she loves and will spend the rest of her life with, and the other is the man she loves and grew up with.

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She plans for the reunion by pre-empting possible reactions from both men. Her brother doesn’t think much of her fiancé and looks at him askew.

Her fiancé is forced to accept the idea that her brother will move in with them.

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The truth about Xiao Jie’s depth and bond of both men reveals itself that night.

Both men realise the hold they have on Xiao Jie, and exercise what they think is their right.

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Her brother may be mentally disabled, but he wasn’t dumb.

He knew exactly what needed to be done.

Watch ‘Bro’ by Yee Yun Ping (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

‘Bro’ is our Viddsee Shortee for June 2015.

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This was May’s Viddsee Shortee, a Singaporean drama about two sisters and acceptance


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