A Domestic Help’s Vengeance Is Viddsee Shortee July 2015


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You protect the ones you love.

‘Domestic Help’ was your most-watched, most-loved, most-talked about short film last month.

This domestic maid knowingly selected this household to work for — it’s the same household that employed her late-sister.

She’s helping the household get ready for a dinner party. Her employer — the wife — is extremely demanding, aggressively putting her down for not meeting her expectations.

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She complies, silently scheming a plan to avenge her sister’s death.

Tied up, gagged and threatened, her true colours and intentions are revealed — she regretted not being able to protect her late-sister in this household.

Now, she wanted justice, and she wanted the household to pay for it.

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Everyone watched on as the two women proved if they had what it took — to protect the ones they love.

They both did.

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‘Domestic Help’ is our Viddsee Shortee for July 2015.

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This was June’s Viddsee Shortee, a Taiwanese drama about an overprotective disabled brother

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