A Guide To Letting Go Of Someone You Love (And How To Live Again)


Whether love left on your terms or not, losing it is painful. Cobbling a life together after the fallout is a process riddled with self-doubt and hurt.

If a fresh start is what you seek, let these five films serve as your navigation guide through grief and finding a release.


As a bartender, stories of broken hearts are a dime a dozen for Yumi. But when her crush, Sam, shows up pouring his heart out, she gave him three shots, and then her best shot. Watch ‘Last Call’: He couldn’t do serious relationships. She knew, still gave it a shot.


When Chen is left shattered at the altar, her broken pieces find a rebirth in an MMA ring. To emerge triumphant, she has to learn to unlock herself from all that is holding her down. Watch ‘Unlock’: She punched until her hands were sore, but still her heart hurt more.


Sam has unresolved baggage with his new brother-in-law which comes to a head at the rehearsal. On bended knees, a proposal is given, and a silent plea is heard. Watch ‘Sisters’: A groom faces off with his new brother-in-law before the “I Dos”.


There’s the guy Jane’s texting every day, and the guy she’s talking to every night. They’re one and the same and as a suicide hotline operator, love and life is entangled over the phone. Watch ‘Jane’: The suicidal voice on the call was familiar. It was her crush.


After a friend battled cancer and lost, Min Liu made this poetic meditation on life and death. Through textured watercolour gradients, she finds an emotional release. Watch ‘In The End, I Understood’: The 5 stages of grief beautifully illustrated by hand.

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