A Jealous Celebrity Created A Fake Account To Attack Her Rival



Pris rolled her eyes at Tori Leong’s last update.

The celebrity influencer had posted a selfie before she went missing; a total cry for attention, she thought.


The singer of the rock band was well-acquainted with the demands of the social media game. It was a popularity contest, and she was tired of coming in second behind Tori.


Her insecurity doubled at her boyfriend’s concern over Tori’s disappearance.

Unnerved and upset, she logged into her secret social media account and left a flaming comment on Tori’s post.


When she realised her mistake of using the wrong account, it was far too late to delete the comment. So she did the only thing she could to salvage the situation.


She became the person she hated the most.

Watch ‘Queen Of Hearts: Ep 3 – The Singer’ by Benjamin Low, Alistair Quak & JD Chua (Singapore) on Viddsee:

‘Queen Of Hearts’ is a new Viddsee Originals web-series about cyberbullying, filmed entirely using the iPhone. Created by showrunner JD Chua, he worked in collaboration with other Viddsee filmmakers namely – Alistair Quak, Benjamin Low, Tang Wanxin, Rifyal Giffari and Joann Nicolette. Watch the full series here.

Keep watching Queen Of Hearts: Episode 4, The Assistant, where Tori’s manager is suspected of murdering her client.

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