A Kid’s Lego Adventure In The City, In Brick-Animated Stop-Motion!


Lego Adventure In The City ss2 krk

For the love of bricks!

This is a stop-motion animation narrated by little Thomas, right before bedtime, in a made-up brickland where he resides as a snake in a “small house on top of a very high building”.

Lego Adventure In The City ss5 krk

Lego Adventure In The City ss3 krk

Lego Adventure In The City ss1 krk

It’s up to him to defend the city when the grey plague takes over the city and threatens to destroy everything in its path. The city’s defenders are already on alert, when a dinosaur escapes its zoo enclosure and goes on rampage.

It’s glorious, brickstastic mayhem!

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Made by Rogier Wieland for Lego China, with six animators and two set builders. Visit Rogier’s website for more of his work, or watch the Lego Adventure In The City making-of.

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