Korean Girl On Losing Her Virginity Is Viddsee Shortee For April


Sleep Vidsee Shortee SS5 KRK

This was the most loved Viddsee film in March!

‘Sleep’ is a surreal dreamworld that a girl enters after losing her virginity. After the deed is done, a series of ominous incidences occur, perhaps symbolic of her experience.

Sleep Vidsee Shortee SS2 KRK

It’s anti-climatic in parts, certainly slower paced, and an insight to the expectations and hype of both sex and virginity.

Sex sells, but this? A contemplative dreamworld? We’re just as surprised as you are.

Pleasantly surprised, of course. Enjoy!

Watch ‘Sleep’ by Lee Hae-in (Korea) on Viddsee:

‘Sleep’ was selected to screen at the 16th International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul, Korea.

For filmmakers: Submit your film here to stand a chance being the next Viddsee Shortee.

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