A Man Grapples With His Humanity In A Savage Sea


Deeper Than Yesterday sw ss2 krk

Cramped together within a narrow steel hull, a submarine crew is fast approaching breaking point.

Tempers run short. Frustration runs high. Fights erupt.

Oleg sees his crewmates sink further away from humanity as a bestial savagery surfaces.

Deeper Than Yesterday sw ss4 krk

He himself holds his humanity close, caressing a well-worn photograph he hides under his pillow.

The tension breaks momentarily when the crew spots a woman floating at sea. They scramble to bring her aboard.

But when they learn that she is dead, brutish appetites awaken. It’s a struggle to stay human when you only have the savage beast within for company.

Deeper Than Yesterday sw ss7 krk

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‘Deeper Than Yesterday’ won the Jury Prize in International Short Filmmaking at the Sundance Film Festival 2011, the Kodak Discovery Award & the Petit Rail D’or at Cannes Critics Week 2010, the Gold Hugo for Best Short Film at the Chicago International Film Festival 2010, and many more.

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