A Man Looking For A Nose Job In Manila Finds A Nose For Trouble


Manila Running ss8 krk.jpg

A nervous and jumpy Jacques is in Manila for a nose job, and he’s extremely wary of the locals.

They’re generous with his personal space and have a predilection for knives and blades. He unwittingly becomes an owner of a machete and has to negotiate with local thugs over it for his safety.

Manila Running ss9 krk.jpg

Manila Running ss5 krk.jpg

He came for a nose job, but found a nose for trouble.

Manila Running ss6 krk.jpg

And gets what he wants, by a close shave!

Watch ‘Manila Running’ by Anuj Gulati on Viddsee:

Anuj’s film won the Best Film, Recognition of Achievement in Directing, Producing, Acting, Editing & Location Sound at the NYU NYU First Run Film Festival, Singapore, and travelled to film festivals in Italy, France, Taiwan, and in the US, including to the 2012 Clermont Ferrand International Short Film Festival.

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