A Butcher’s Life Begins To Unravel When His Dog Goes Missing


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Declan loves his dog, Ralphie. They live alone, two in a home, two in bed, and two a pair in everything.

When Ralphie goes missing, Declan sobs in his bed. He’s devastated. Ralphie was his best friend.

After three days, this woman reappears in his shop, the neighbourhood butcher.

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She heard the news, and hoped to take his mind off things by inviting him for dinner

Declan welcomes the distraction. There are fans of his work, but there are haters too.

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Dinner goes swimmingly well.

There’s unexpected company at the table. He’s pushed to the edge, but Declan takes it all with stride.

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Viewer discretion: May contain mild depictions of gore.

Dog Food premiered at SXSW, played at 30 international film festivals, and won best horror / thriller at Comic Con. More about the director here.

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