A Melodramatic Couple Goes Shopping Only To Discover Cracks In Their Marriage


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A seemingly happy couple, Adi and Miri are at the store, shopping for a new kitchen. To the salesman’s and other customers’ puzzlement, they do a little dramatic role-play before they decide on their kitchen.

After all, both work in television – she’s at a kids’ channel, and he dubs for a cartoon character.

And then, out of the blue, Miri asks the salesman for a celebrity discount.

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The salesman doesn’t recognise them as celebrities. No one does, in fact. But in Miri’s head, they are, and more importantly, she’s the bigger star of the two.

The store refuses the discount. Miri is infuriated. Even though Adi tries to stop her, she won’t back down.

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Her ego and stubbornness ultimately lead to some nasty words. It wasn’t just about the discount anymore. The cracks in their marriage were suddenly out there for all to see.

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