A Mother’s Gut Feel Is Rarely Wrong. Something Terrible Was Coming.



“We will die, or we will live.”

Shakila, who works as a reporter, is interviewing people about what they feel about 2014, the year when foreign military aid is scheduled to leave Afghanistan.

Shakila fears the worst, even though people around her are trying to stay optimistic.

A nagging voice inside her head is telling her that something terrible is about to happen, as she scrambles about to protect her family.


Her husband is disabled and she has two young children, who are also not spared from the impending uncertainty.

She stocks up on food supplies and prepares to move the family to the basement, but she can’t shrug off her nightmares.


Can she protect her family when the worst happens?

Finally, she realises that the others were probably right. Perhaps her gut feel was wrong. Perhaps all will be well.


Things certainly seem calm.

Or is this just the calm before the storm?

Watch ‘The Unknown’ by Abdul Ghafar Faizyar (Afghanistan) on Viddsee:

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