A Robber Unexpectedly Becomes A Therapist To A Suicidal Witness



It was supposed to be a quick and painless hold-up.

Enter, get the till open, wave the gun around for intimidation, take the money, exit.


Growing up on the streets, one learns to make their own way, and he knew that was easy money just waiting to be collected.


But a suicidal taxi driver ends up throwing a wrench in his plans.

“Do as I say, and no one gets hurt.”

Except, here was a beat up, broken down man begging him to pull the trigger.


What follows is a rumination on life, a look into what it takes to find your worth, and what it means to die with dignity.

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Painkiller’ was nominated for Short Discovery Award at the 2013 London Comedy Film Festival and Best Short at the 2012 Rushes Soho Shorts. It also screened at the London Short Film Festival in 2013.

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