An Alchoholic Son’s Realisation About Taking His Parents For Granted


Requiem For A Robot ss3 krk

This alcoholic robot was an emotional mess.

He ends up at Dad’s doorstep, questioning his existence and the reasons that brought him to this sorrowful end.

Requiem For A Robot ss2 krk

He’s lived the high life, he’s lived a good life. Some of it stolen off his parents, and most of it living off his maker-parents.

Requiem For A Robot ss1 krk

He needs to find a new way to live, to find a new reason to live. His memory came back to him again.

There will be rebirth.

Watch ‘Requiem For A Robot’ by Christoph Rainer (Austria/America) on Viddsee:

Viewer discretion: Contains some coarse language and guilt tripping

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