A Scorned Woman’s Revenge Is Viddsee Shortee Aug 2015


Merindu Mantan Viddsee Shortee ss1 krk

This was your most-watched, most-loved, most-talked about short film last month!

Revenge is self-explanatory. It’s not rational, not morally right, not socially accepted, nor polite dinner conversation. But when done right, it soothes the bruised ego and offers a sense of justice.

Armed with a Javanese spell-book, a scorned woman tries to remedy her own pain by casting a spell on a man and his new lover.

Merindu Mantan Viddsee Shortee ss9 krk

Merindu Mantan Viddsee Shortee ss8 krk

Merindu Mantan Viddsee Shortee ss7 krk

He’s paralysed, in pain.

She’s satisfied, but that too, costs her pain.

Watch ‘Revenge’ by Andri Cung (Indonesia) on Viddsee:

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‘Revenge’ was directed by Andri Cung, produced by Edward Gunawan, written by Ve Handojo, and with director of photography Anggi “Cumit” Frisca. It stars Aimee Saras, Ranggad Djoned and Novita Savitri.

This short film is our Viddsee Shortee for August 2015.

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This was July’s Viddsee Shortee, a Singaporean drama about a domestic help’s vengeance


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