The Sweater She Knitted Helped Her Lost Brother Find His Way Home



The siblings are blessed with a close-knit relationship.

The elder sister is both playmate and protector, spinning tales of supernatural folklore, while also promising to knit him a sweater in his favourite colour, blue, by the next full moon.


But while out playing one day, the little brother finds himself accidentally treading into the enchanted forest. His natural inquisitiveness takes him deep into the belly of the forest where the mystical have made their home. It’s the type of journey that leaves a profound change within.


Back at home, his sister waits. It’s the night of Raksha Bandhan, a day in the Indian calendar that celebrates the special bond between siblings, and she sits with waning hope for his return. But just as she’s fulfilled her promise, so has he in returning.


On this magical night, the siblings are reunited. She might not be able to see him, but this type of unconditional love spans all senses.

Watch ‘The Blue Sweater’ by Dhaneesh Jameson (India) on Viddsee:

‘The Blue Sweater’ was awarded the 2015 DigiCon6 Asia Silver Award for Innovative Art. This marks Daneesh’s second win at DigiCon6 having been awarded the DigiCon6 India Gold in 2010. Yuichi Ito, the animated director who was part of the jury commended the portrayal of emotion through colour and details, as well as the deft watercolour technique portrayed in the film.

For more news on the 17th edition of DigiCon6 Asia Awards, click here.

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