A Single Man Befriends A Ghost And Falls In Love With Her



Benji was single and everyone thought it was a problem. His family made this clear when they sent him to a “confidence building boot camp”.

It was the most awkward gift he could have received and it came with more unsolicited relationship advice.


Benji knew that he needed to make a stand but he just didn’t think it would literally knock him off balance and have him face-to-face with a ghost.

He was confused. She was confused.


She didn’t know who she was, but she seemed to know a lot about love and life.

Benji couldn’t seem shake her off of his tracks.

And for a few days she becomes his shadow, and his unwanted love and spiritual guide.


But the minor annoyance turn into an actual friendship and their deep wounds are revealed.


For the first time, Benji seems to have found a girl who understand him too bad she’s a ghost. Their relationship transcends the physical realms.

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