A Son Learns To Appreciate Dad’s Unique Passion, Through Dance And Art



He was a dancer and an artist like his father, but he didn’t want to follow dad’s footsteps.

Dad was a traditional dance teacher who took pride in keeping an old art form alive.



He thought dad’s pursuits were a foolish novelty, fueled by his sentimental tendencies.

Try as he could, they couldn’t dance to the same beat. Their motivations were too different, their generations too far apart.


But one day he looked into his father’s eyes and saw something he didn’t see before.

It was the beginning of something new within him.

Watch ‘Father’s Handprint’ by Sonespasith Phanphila (Laos) on Viddsee:

‘Father’s Handprint’ took home the First Prize at 2015 Vientianale International Film Festival. This film is part of our Luang Prabang Film Festival channel, celebrating Southeast Asia’s diverse storytellers. Click here for more.

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