A Spooky Actress, A Crazed Director. A Recipe For Real Horror.


Lola Aswang ss6

Lola is an actress with a natural flair for horror films. She’s an aswang — a vampire, a witch, a shape-shifter.

But neither can her best performance, nor the entire production crew, satisfy the mean-tempered, demanding director.

Lola Aswang ss3

The first take needed to be scarier, the second take had to be more frightening, the third take was out of focus, the fourth take…

Lola couldn’t stand it any longer! And when an aswang unleashes her fury… all jaws on set drop.

Lola Aswang ss7

All except the director’s… Instead, he curses and calls Lola an “unprofessional actress”.

Bad move.

Watch ‘Lola’ by Joey Agbayani (Philippines) on Viddsee:

Lola was awarded at the Fright Night Film Festival, Las Vegas Comedy Fest, Shockfest Film Festival , Mockfest Film Festival of Hollywood, Giggleshorts International Comedy Short Film Festival and the Atlanta Horror Film Festival 2011.

It was nominated, selected and screened at numerous film festivals in the US, the UK, the Philippines, Spain, Colombia, Chile, Malta, Germany, South Africa, Lebanon, Costa Rice, Spain, Rio de Janeiro, and in Australia.

Here’s another lola facing an expected terror. Watch this Filipino thriller ‘Lola’ on Viddsee

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