A Lonely Bachelor’s Surprising Plea For Romance, Love


Desmondo Ray ss4 krk

This guy is Desmondo Ray, and this is his video dating tape. He sits hunched on a chair, reads off a cue card and introduces himself and his life.

His age: 33 and three-quarters.

Desmondo Ray ss3 krk

Desmondo Ray ss1 krk

Personality quirks? Enjoys peeing in the rain, altering offensive graffiti and listening to sad music while having happy thoughts. Dislikes magicians, dislikes the smell of burnt hair. He works at a golf course and he lives with his dad.

Desmondo Ray ss2 krk

All these sound like they’re the real highlights of his life, but watch it till the end.

By conventional standards, he doesn’t sound like much of a catch, but man, he has a lot of love to give.

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Desmondo will be returning soon in his very own online series: The Wondrous Life of Desmondo Ray!

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