Though Bullied To Conform, This Student Stood Up For The Truth


Two and Two SS1

With no explanation or logical reasoning, a teacher force-feeds his students a new mathematical rule : 2+2 = 5.

Some students protests, but he quashes all dissent by raising his voice. One boy decides that he has had enough. Refusing to be censored, he stands up and challenges the dictator directly.

Two and Two SS3

The teacher summons an army of older students.

Their faces blank, they get into attack mode.

Two and Two SS4

Will the boy buckle under the threat?

Or will he stand up for the truth, no matter the cost?

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Babak‚Äôs film was nominated for a BAFTA film award in 2012. The Iranian-born filmmaker is currently working on his first feature film, Under the Shadow’.

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