A Transvestite Sex Worker, A Mentally Unstable Teacher. Locked In.


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They are captives in a brothel. The party is in town, but not in this room.

He’s an unemployed, obsessive, suicidal English Literature teacher. She’s a transvestite sex worker, abandoned by her parents and forced into the trade.

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He was expecting to meet someone whom he could talk to. Someone who would convince him not to kill himself. He was not at all expecting, as he said, ‘a boy’.

She was expecting a regular customer, not someone so severely unstable.

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They’re both outcasts. In escaping the cruel world outside, they find temporary relief in the disorder of their circumstances.

They argue, they fight, they curse, they play, they sing, they dance, they compete. They even join hands to fool the booming voice outside the locked room, which insists they get on with what they are inside for.

Watch ‘The Flower Bud (Kusum)’ by Shumona Banerjee (India) on Viddsee:

The film was featured in more than 20 film festivals, and won numerous awards, including the Silver Busho (Silver Prize Best Short Film) at the 2010 Busho/Budapest International Short Film Festival.

Watch ‘Tightrope’, another film about the tryst between a sex worker and a smuggler.

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