A Video Of Him Went Viral. Here’s A Cautionary Tale Of Unglamorous Fame


Masher SS2

Jason woke up one morning to find that he’s gone viral.

The video was “RUDE customer HUMILATE [sic] a barista”, that rude customer was him. It was a video of him losing his cool after a barista spilled coffee on his shirt. The accident and his reaction was possibly unintentional, and the recording of his outburst possibly an invasion of privacy.

But the Internet judged, hard. It got into his head, it haunted him at every corner he turned.

Masher SS1

Cyber-bullying should be taken in stride… because all ‘misbehaviours’ should be punished?

Watch ‘Masher’ by Yya Antiporda (The Philippines) on Viddsee:

Here’s another critical take on social media. Watch ‘#NoFilter” by Luigi Rosario (The Philippines), a cautionary tale about being obsessed with selfies.

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