He Was Ready To Shoot When A Voice Spoke. It Wouldn’t Stop Talking.


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In the tradition of classic western movies, a narrator walks us through a weary gunslinger’s entrance into a busy saloon. Except this time, everyone in the room can hear every word the narrator says.

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And word by word, the narrator sets the stage for an awesome ballet of death. In a town where everyone’s got something to hide, an all-knowing voice with a taste for violence and bloodshed has plenty of secrets to reveal.

The Gunfighter sw ss5 krk

With so much infidelity, incest, and even some bestiality going around, it’s hard to keep a level head. But if they all want to survive this bloodthirsty narrator, they are going to have to take a deep breath, and accept each other for the disgusting adulterers that they all are.

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‘The Gunfighter’ won the Audience Favourite Award at DC Shorts Film Festival and was Best Of The Fest at Palm Springs Short Fest. It has also won awards at numerous festivals, including LA Film Fest, Hell’s Half Mile, and Napa Valley Film Festival.

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