A Widow’s Grief & An Empty Coffin In A Sad, Long Walk Home


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Too many questions, no answers. No body, one empty coffin.

Home will never be the same. She lost her husband to a tragic death, now she walks by his coffin, as it is carried home before it is finally buried.

She walks through the city, the highway and dirt paths to give her husband the final goodbye that he deserved.

The road home has always been long, but the weight of the lost and the questions surrounding the death wears on everyone and makes the journey longer and harsher.

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But the widow puts on a brave face, for her family and those who know them.

As they get closer, the widow realizes the fate that she now has.

She has to accept a lost that did not make sense to her. The man that she loved will never come home. Her children would not have a father.

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This walk with her husband will be her last. So she walks a little slower and thinks a little deeper, until she can finally let go.

Watch ‘Manenaya’ (Waiting) by Richard Soriano Legaspi (Philippines) on Viddsee:

‘Manenaya’ won the Jury Prize at Gawad Tanglaw for Philippine Movies, Jury Prize at Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival, and Third Prize at Gawad CCP, Experimental Category in the Philippines.

It has travelled widely to film festivals in India, France, Greece, Germany, Poland, Rome, Italy, the US.

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