A Woman’s Downfall With Self-Deception Is Viddsee Shortee Sept 2015


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This was your most-watched, most-loved, most-talked about short film last month!

Michelle wants to change her life and change her circumstances. Specifically, her secret relationship with Jay, her current boyfriend.

Michelle was his second choice. A backup. A fallback. A lover.

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An enlightened, well-meaning friend introduces her to Believe, a trendy self-help course that promises to unleash her potential. She’s in a bad place: her boyfriend refuses to break up with his girlfriend and keeps her in the dark. She isn’t comfortable in that situation, and wishes for change in her life.

She enrols in the self-help course.

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Her self-discovery leads her to something she knew all along: we believe what we want to, even if it’s built deceit, white lies, good intentions, or a feel-good pyramid scheme.

In the end, she gets exactly what she deserves, because a world of wilful self-deception was the most comfortable place to be.

Watch ‘Fall’ by Norris Wong Yee Lam (Hong Kong) on Viddsee:

Director, Screenplay: Norris Wong
Producer: Kevin Ma & Norris Wong
Director of Photography: Alfred Pong
Actors: Janice Ting (Michelle), Bryan Mak (Razzi), Lui Hei (Jay), Doris Wong (Coach), Poyee Cheung (Kiki), Cathy Kwok (Lo Por)
Theme Song ‘Fall’: Claudia Tsang (vocals), Abby Wong (composer), Norris Wong (lyrics)

This short film is our Viddsee Shortee for September 2015.

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‘Fall’ also won Best Script at the Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival in Hong Kong.

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