A Young Boy’s Gentle Understanding of Death After Grandma’s Passing


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At the age of eight, Kwok-fai hardly had enough time being alive. Today, he encounters death.

Grandma committed suicide the night before while he was asleep in the living room. He goes through the day in a daze, carrying a burden as he knows more than he’s telling his school teachers or the policemen, and even his mum.

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He’s expected to perform the last rites as the only male descendent, and he had steadfastly stayed throughout the wake. His waking moments seemed so surreal.

In his delirium, he revisits his relationship with grandma and her last moments.

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The weight of the incident was overwhelming. Life and death was explained simply enough to him, but he had unsettled business with himself and grandma.

He finally finds calm and makes peace peace with her passing, in his own way.

Watch ‘Grandma‚Äôs Room’ by CHOW Kwun Wai Kiwi (Hong Kong) on Viddsee:

‘Grandma’s Room’ won the Silver Award in the Best Fiction Category at the Cross Strait Film Festival by Phoenix TV, Hong Kong.

It’s part of our HK Cinema, The Next Generation channel on Viddsee.

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